Here at exponai.org we are a community of curious crypto enthusiasts. We are Explorer and research so called Crypto-native Values with both a scientific and hacker mindset. We operate a Slack Channel, a Wiki and we meet in Real Life.

Crypto-native Values are all sorts of valuable Informations that can be derived from Crypto-native Information Sources like Blockchains, Hashgraphs, Tangles, Nodes, Mempools and so on. This can be a trading signal for Bitcoin that suggests to buy Bitcoin based on a Machine Learning Algorith, that has learned from the Bitcoin Blockchain.

We work with open source and machine learning tools. We exchange insights and ideas. And we have a lot of fun along the way.

How can you join?
We look for Members that share our values of an open exchange and that have a deep technical understanding of crypto and ai. If your feel that is something your are interested in shoot out an email to thorsten@exponai.com.
Rock on and may the source be with you!
The Exponai Crowd